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It is important to note that these calculations are an approximation of your requirements and not an exact figure. There are many variable factors that could affect your requirements. Please contact us when you have done your calculations to ensure that your requirements are correctly calculated
 How to use the PowerMan UPS Calculator
Simply select the number of PCs and we will show you the correct solutions for your need and also for more PCs that will meet your back up power requirements. It is important to remember that when filling in this information that it is not wise to use certain types of equipment on a UPS for example a laser printer. This calculator is purely to calcultate the back up requirements for for PC, server and laptop usage.

Should you need to use backup power for other applications then please contact us so that we can assist you in finding the correct solution to meet your specific needs

Calculator for a UPS running a certain number of PCs

Calculate PowerMan UPS size from AMPS
This calculator can be used if you know the total number of AMPS you will be using with the UPS. Simply put the total number of AMPS for the equipment and then click on Calculate and we will give you the all the PowerMan UPS' that fall within your range of requirements.



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