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What is a UPS?
A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a device that is installed between the raw mains power from Eskom coming into a building, house or room and the critical equipment to be protected against power fluctuations or failures. 

Why do I need a UPS?
There are a number of reasons you may want to invest in a UPS system but generally it is to protect your critical systems from the effects of power failures, voltage dips and power anomalies. 

Which UPS technology should I choose?
There are three main types of UPS technology: Offline/Line-Interactive Technology, On-Line/Double Conversion Technology and Low Frequency Transformer based. The type of unit best suited for an application is uaully determined by the clients specific need

Can I monitor the UPS on my computer/network?
Yes. You can monitor directly from the UPS to a computer via the RS232 or USB ports for single computer use, which comes as standard in most new UPSís. In order to monitor a UPS on a network you will require an SNMP Card.

How do I know what size UPS I want?
You will need to find out the power requirement of the equipment to be supplied by the UPS. If you are not sure simply contact us and our qualifed technical staff will gladly help you. 

How much battery back-up time do I get/need?
UPS battery back-up times can vary from 2 minutes, to many hours. It all depends on what you need. 

What is the life of UPS batteries?
Small to medium UPS batteries generally have a 4-5 year design life. 

Why choose a Modular UPS?
The main advantages of using a modular UPS system is the ability to increase UPS power as and when required, rather than purchasing another larger UPS. 

Does a UPS to be hardwired into a DB Board?
According to the law any UPS above 3KVA must be hard wired into a DB board on a seperate circuit. 

I need 110V input and/or output, can this be done?
Yes it can, however none of the standard PowerMan UPSís can accept or supply this voltage, so it would be a special order.

I cannot find an answer to the question I have, what can I do?
Simply contact us via our contact Page or call us on 011 794 3886 and one of our qualified technical staff members will gladly assist you.



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