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At PowerMan we have always prided ourselves on offering a superior service, with over 35 years of experience in the UPS industry we have a team of factory trained technicians ready to solve your UPS problems. Although we specialise in our own products, we do offer maintenance to most makes of UPS, providing spares are available. Our technicians are available for on-site servicing or clients are welcome to bring smaller units in to our workshop for servicing.

Your UPS is an integral part of your computer systems and much like an insurance policy you must ensure that it works for you when you really need it to. A UPS is subject to wear and tear and has certain components that need to be checked on a regular basis.

Batteries In order for the UPS to provide power during a mains outage, it must draw from its internal battery source. As with all batteries, the UPS batteries have a specific life span, and they must be tested on a regular basis to determine the capacity remaining in the battery. A battery will deteriorate over a period of time and this needs to be monitored. Should the batteries not be changed at the correct time then you risk damage to other internal components such as power devices and it is possible that the UPS will not allow enough time for the computer systems to be shutdown.

Fans The fans in the UPS make sure that the internal temperature remains within the specified operating limits of the UPS. Transformers and power devices generate heat within the UPS and this means that the units must be cooled. Like any other moving parts fans do fail. Should a fan fail in a UPS it is possible to cause damage to the main transformer, the batteries, and the power devices these are the most expensive components of the UPS.

Surge Protection Each UPS is equipped with surge protection devices. These devices act like a filter, and, like any filter, if overloaded they will burst. Although the UPS will continue to operate in most cases it will have lost a vital part of its own inherent protection.

Power Devices Power device connections are checked and tell tale signs of excessive heat must be looked for

Load Level Many companies upgrade their computer systems and the UPS is not considered. Periodic checks should be made to ensure that the UPS is still being run within its limits.

Report Back Once the UPS has been checked the user will receive a full report detailing the Load, battery capacity, and general sate of the UPS. Should any parts need to be changed they can be done at a time convenient to the client and before damage can be caused to the UPS.

Please contact our technical team for our call out rates, or ask them about the service contracts that are available.


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