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The TelePower UPS is manufactured using an off-line design principal, and operates using a 220/240V 50Hz, single phase AC input and output. The use of state of the art high frequency, transformer-less technology keeps the UPS small and compact.

The incoming mains (230VAC @ 50Hz) is monitored by the UPS and passed straight through to the load while making sure that the battery is kept fully charged. In the event of a mains failure the UPS switches to the battery powered inverter within 20 milliseconds and continues to supply power to your equipment. Switching time is so quick that your electronic equipment such as TV’s, Decoders or desktop computers will not detect a break in power and will continue to operate as normal.

As soon as the mains power is restored the UPS will automatically switch back to mains power and it will start charging the batteries. The use of high frequency technology and a modified sine wave output keeps the unit small and compact. Fully sealed gel high cycle batteries ensures long life on the batteries (5 to 10 years) or up to 500 full cycles.

The sealed battery promotes a safe environment, unlike some other products that do not have fully sealed batteries and use batteries that gas and sulphate.
TP1-040S - 1KVA (800Watts) TP1-100S - 1KVA (800Watts) TP1.5-200S - 1.5KVA (1 350Watts)

1 x 12V40Ah Fully Sealed Gel Battery 1 x 12V100Ah Fully Sealed Gel Battery 2 x 12V100Ah Fully Sealed Gel Battery
Ideal for fibre link and Laptop (100W)
runs for 3,5 Hours
Ideal for fibre link, laptop, TV + DSTV + lamp (250W)
runs for 3,5 Hours
Ideal for fibre link, laptop, TV + DSTV + 2 x lamps (250W)
runs for 8 Hours
Cash Price R 5 635.00 (incl VAT) Cash Price R 8 487.00 (incl VAT) Cash Price R 15 962.00 (incl VAT)
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